tirsdag 28. januar 2014


Hello everyone!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day! I´m sitting here working on my crochet blog before I have to go to work. I´m trying to organize my blogging a little bit by making a schedule for blog posts, write down ideas and so on. I´m going to do my best in order to post on a regular basis, and in order to do so it doesn´t hurt to plan ahead.

I joined a group on Google+ the other day, called Crochet Along on Google+, and one of this month´s CAL´s (Crochet A Long´s) was a cute headband. I will crochet the headband this afternoon, and make a post about it tonight. Hope you´ll stop by later to check it out :)
Edit: Life got in the way, so I didn´t get the chance to finish the CAL Headband this evening after all, which means I´ll have to postpone the post until further notice.

Time for work!

Hege :) 


2 kommentarer:

  1. Good evening Hege, I haven't participated in a CAL as yet but it sounds like fun, maybe I will when I don't have so much going on lol. Thanks for checking out my google+ page, I was unsure about google+ at first but I am growing to love it. It takes a little learning to understand how it all works and slowly I'm getting there. I am going to set aside some time this weekend to browse through your extensive pins on pinterest, you have so many. I only joined pinterest last week so I haven't got much on there yet.
    This weekend I will be helping my father get on-line with his new laptop, his broadband connection went live today. This is so going to be an experience for him and I think it will be best to teach him things in bite sized chunks so as not to overwhelm him. He is aged 75 years and I think it is very modern of him to want to embrace new technology .... wish me luck,

    1. Good morning, Linda :) Participating in a CAL was really fun, I suggest you try it. I have so much going on as well, so I picked a mini-CAL, lol :D I enjoyed checking out your Google+ page, and I will check out your blog as well, I just need some quiet time to sit down and read it, so that I don´t have to rush through it :) I´m not used to Google+ yet either, but I think I´m beginning to get a hang of it. Yeah, my pins are adding up, there are just so many beautiful things on Pinterest, I´m having troubles not pinning it all, lol :P I think it´s so great that your father wants to dive in to the technology world, most older people are too afraid! Good luck, I´m sure it´ll be fun for both of you! Have a great day! :) <3


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