torsdag 30. januar 2014

10 PATTERN GIVE AWAY - Knot Sew Cute Design

10 Pattern Give Away

After joining Google+ I´ve found so many new profiles and blogs to follow, and one of them is CrochetAddictUK. Yesterday I saw this post, Giveaway - Knot Sew Cute Design - 10 Pattern Giveaway, and I just had to participate, because I just love the patterns and Knot Sew Cute Design´s style. One of the ways to entry was to share the giveaway on your blog, and that wasn´t hard to do at all, because these patterns deserves to be shared all over the place.

So go to CrochetAddictUK to give your entry and check out more of Knot Sew Cute Design`s patterns on Etsy.

I hope I win! (One can dream) :-P

Have a wonderful day!

Hege :)

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