onsdag 22. januar 2014


My new blog is finally up and running, at least a little bit. I still have some work to do, but it´ll do for now. I have another crochet blog in Norwegian, but since I opened up a Google+ account yesterday and wanted to link this blog to that channel, I had to make a new one. 

I justed posted the usual "About me" post, and for my second post I figured I could mention my YouTube-videos. I made some how-to-crochet-videos for beginners a while back, and I´ve posted them on my YouTube channel. Hopefully they can be of help to some people out there.

So far they don´t have any sound, but that will come, eventually. I just bought a new web camera, so I´ll start filming more videos soon.

Here´s a video I made recently, "presenting" my channel. I´ll replace it when I get the time to make another one, since it´s not really good at all :P But it´ll have to do for now as well. The photos in the videos are my own designs.

I will try to post frequently here on my new and shiny crochet blog, so I hope you´ll come back and check it out again.

Hege :)


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