onsdag 5. mars 2014

TERMS OF USE - for my crochet patterns

All patterns, unless stated otherwise, are made and designed by me - Hege Espeland Lygre (HELdesign).

Respect my copyright!
You´re welcome to use my patterns for your personal use, but you can not copy or resell my patterns, nor use photos without my permission. You can not copy or post my patterns any other places, but feel free to link back to me. 

Don´t steal!
I spend a lot of time making and transcribing my patterns, so don´t copy them and change a few things and then claim them as your own.

Selling items made from my patterns:

- My patterns that are for sale are for private use only, you are not allowed to make items from them to be sold on the commercial market.
- Items made from my free patterns are to be used as you wish as long as you don´t take credit for my design. If you sell items made from my patterns in stores, markets etc, please add a tag that shows that it´s my design. If you sell on the internet, please link back to me. I´d also appreciate it if you´d e-mail me telling which patterns you sell items from and where you´re going to sell them. If you follow these guidelines I put no limit as to how many items you can sell from my free patterns (not the patterns that are for sale).

Again, if you use my patterns please link back to me. And I love to see other peoples work made from my patterns so please send me photos :D   

Hege :) 



So it´s finally time for a new On My Hook Wednesday. This was supposed to be like week 5 or 6, but as it so often does my life got in the way and blogging had to be put aside for other things. I hope to be able to get more structure into my blogging so that these posts will continue to come weekly as planned, but due to life and its interferences I fear I will fall off the wagon from time to time.

Even though it hasn´t been much time for blogging I´ve had time for a little crocheting. I´m still working on my crochet afghan. I crochet on and off on it, both because it´s big and I need to do other projects in between. And also because we recently got a kitten, and he loves the blanket (he even matches the colors), so he´s tends to sleep on it a lot :)

 A couple of weeks ago I went to a flea market with some friends, and there I found a cathouse/bed/thingy, and since he matches the colors on the blanket I started making a pillow for the round bed on top of his new house. 

I´m also almost finished with a crochet pillow for my couch, it´s just missing buttons on the back. Originally it is one of several squares to be used for a blanket in a CAL (Crochet-A-Long), but I really liked the first square, so I added to the pattern to make it big enough for a pillow case. I´ll post more about this when I´ve found buttons for it.

The crocheted circles from my last On My Hook Wednesday post was an experiment that I will continue working on, they´re going to be a supplement in a new series of paintings that I want to make. If you want to see more of my art you can check out my artblog, my Facebook page or my art profile on Instagram

Here in Norway people have been crazy about the Norwegian Olympic Games hat. I didn´t plan to follow the stream, and haven´t really since I´ve stayed away from the original colors. But the thing is that one of my dearest cousins really wanted to make one, and she searched the internet for patterns, but apparently none of the patterns she found had a gauge, so she had troubles finding the right size and had to start over several times. So I offered to make a pattern for her, and the last few days that turned into three crochet hats. 

First one came to life when I was writing the pattern, then a new one when I was testing the pattern, and then another one which was a little more baggy than the other two. There are several patterns of the Olympic Games hats, so I made my pattern a little different cause no one needs another pattern almost similar to the others. Like I said, I didn´t make my hat in the original colors, but it was the shape that my cousin was after, so despite that my colors and the pattern are different from all the other free patterns out there, the shape is the same and you can use my pattern for the Olympic Games hat if you´d like. 

I´m transcribing the pattern and it will be posted on my blog. So my crochet hooks have had something to do despite the lack of blogging, I am however better on updating my Instagram profile because it doesn´t take as much time as blogging does, so if you like you can follow me there for more frequently posts.

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Hege :) 


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