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My name is Hege Espeland Lygre, aka CrochetByHege :)

Thank you so much for stopping by my crochet blog, I really appreciate you taking your time to look around :)

I am a single mom, originally from a small place on the west coast of Norway, called Bømlo, but moved to Bergen (the second largest city in Norway) in 2007 because of studies, and I still live here with my amazing son, Benjamin. 

I graduated as an illustrator from Norges Kreative Fagskole (NKF) in 2009, and I have my own company, HELdesign, where I work as an illustrator, artist and designer. Through my company I have taken various commissions as an illustrator. As an artist I play with different mediums, and have had my own solo show/exhibtion. I´m also the illustrator/designer for "Englatroll", a clothing line for children from 0-5 years of age, started by Janne Nerheim.

My two biggest passions, besides my beloved son, are Art and Crochet. I´ve been drawing my whole life, and I work in various mediums, both traditionally and digitally. And when pregnant with my son, I taught myself how to crochet, and this immediately became a passion. My fingers start to itch if I can´t use them to create something, I usually work on several projects at the same time, and wish there were more hours in a day.

I used to publish my crochet projects on my art blog, but decided I while ago that I wanted to separate the drawing and the crocheting,  which means I have one art blog dedicated to art and one crochet blog dedicated to crochet. I then opened a Norwegian crochet blog, but since I want to share my love for crochet further than that, I figured it was time to start an English blog.

I also made profiles on several other social medias, such as Facebook, Instagram, Google+YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter and Tumblr.


Well, back to crocheting!
I picked up my first crochet hook in 2001, and it immediately became a passion!! :)I was pregnant at the time, and the days were sooo long, so I found an old crafts book and started to teach myself how to crochet. After trying out some patterns in a book from the library I started making my own. I´ve always been a person who wants to learn everything now, preferably yesterday, so small steps is a term I don´t know anything about. 

Since then there have been numerous crochet projects, crochet designs, and lately I have started planning a series of crochet patterns which I will divide into themes. More info will follow!

In addition to designing and making new crochet items I also teach crochet classes and just love to share my love for crochet, which resulted in a YouTube-channel. I´ve posted a few basic videos for beginners, but more will follow. I have plans to fill my channel with everything from beginner videoes to more advanced stitches and projects. The videos will be in both Norwegian and English. This is a project that will take some time, since editing and filming is a process that is totally new to me, so be patient:)

As I mentioned I design my own patterns. So far I haven´t published too many of them, but I will post them one by one when they´re transcribed. I will put up links when they´re ready, because so far most of them are only posted in Norwegian.

As I also mentioned I am an illustrator as well. If you want to check out my artwork, please visit my website, www.HELdesign.com

I hope you had a nice visit on my blog, please come back and visit anytime:)

Hege :)


4 kommentarer:

  1. Hello Hege, I am following via my page on google+ (Crochet and Crafting with Linda Dawn) I am waiting for the powers that be at google to finish the add of the code I sent to fully integrate my google+ page name with my blogging platform. Until then any posts I write will show my personal google+ profile name. Hopefully it will be up and running very soon for me.
    I think you have made a fantastic start on your new blog and I know what you mean about crochet and how we become so passionate about the craft. I look forward to following your journey of crochet through your blog and now I am off to check your latest posts on here.
    Have a good day :-)

    1. Hello Linda. Yes, I remember you from Google+ :) I hope your Google+ page will be up and running real soon!

      Thank you so much! And yes, the passion for crafts is something that never goes away once you get "smitten" by it :)) I´m so glad you will follow my work, I look forward to follow yours as well!

      Have a good evening :)

  2. je hebt mooie creaties ik zie veel gehaakte kleedjes voor kleine kindjes maar kleinste kleindochter is bijna 6 jaar hoe kan je een patroon veergroten?

    1. Hello Julia :) I´m sorry, but I don´t understand your comment. Would you please translate it to English?
      Have a great evening :)


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