onsdag 5. mars 2014

TERMS OF USE - for my crochet patterns

All patterns, unless stated otherwise, are made and designed by me - Hege Espeland Lygre (HELdesign).

Respect my copyright!
You´re welcome to use my patterns for your personal use, but you can not copy or resell my patterns, nor use photos without my permission. You can not copy or post my patterns any other places, but feel free to link back to me. 

Don´t steal!
I spend a lot of time making and transcribing my patterns, so don´t copy them and change a few things and then claim them as your own.

Selling items made from my patterns:

- My patterns that are for sale are for private use only, you are not allowed to make items from them to be sold on the commercial market.
- Items made from my free patterns are to be used as you wish as long as you don´t take credit for my design. If you sell items made from my patterns in stores, markets etc, please add a tag that shows that it´s my design. If you sell on the internet, please link back to me. I´d also appreciate it if you´d e-mail me telling which patterns you sell items from and where you´re going to sell them. If you follow these guidelines I put no limit as to how many items you can sell from my free patterns (not the patterns that are for sale).

Again, if you use my patterns please link back to me. And I love to see other peoples work made from my patterns so please send me photos :D   

Hege :) 


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