fredag 5. september 2014


I made an assignment for the 8th grade students in the design- and redesign class a couple of years ago, where each student got one pair of jeans, and they were told to make these into something else. They had to use as much of the fabric as possible, but they were allowed to bring in other fabrics and materials as well, and they could make more than one item.

After giving each student their pair of jeans I was left with two pairs, and I figured I would make something as an inspiration, to show the students that the jeans could be transformed into something else than the typical bag, mini skirt or pair of shorts. I had just become an aunt so I was in quite the baby mood, and the choice fell on a teddybear. I wanted to keep within less than half of the time frame that the students were given on the assignment, it wouldn´t be fair otherwise since I have a lot more experience, and ended up using 1/3 of the time frame. This project is not for beginners and was just an inspiration, but some of the students would´ve been able to pull it off with my help.

I used half of each pair of the leftover jeans since they were in two different shades. I downloaded a lovely pattern from this website, cut out the pieces and sewed everything together. I used 3 old buttons for the eyes and nose, and the stuffing is some old and ugly curtains cut into pieces. This made the teddybear quite heavy, so I ended up filling the upper half with regular stuffing.

So this is one way to reuse a pair or two of old jeans. If you have recycled some old jeans I would love to see it!

Have a great weekend!

Hege :)
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